One of your friends spilled wine on your new couch? Your pet made a mess while you were at work and you have no idea how to avoid permanent damage on your furniture? Worry not, a team of professional cleaners will come to your aid.

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MOTHERS Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner


It’s one of those products that comes in a form of spray – the best out there.
Can be used directly in your home, without moving your upholstery and furniture, odorless, environmentally safe to use and most importantly used on stubborn stains.


White Wizard Spot Remover And All Purpose Cleaner




Can be used on any type of stain, on any type of fabric, absolutely odorless. This product is non-toxic, non-abrasive and can be used to remove coffee, wine, blood, urine…

Woolite Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner Foam


Combination of a fabric refresher and a powerful fabric and upholstery cleaner, upholstery is not sticky after use, it’s clean and fresh, also deodorizes with a FibraPure odor removal technology for a thorough clean. Can be used for cleaning carpets as well.

Josh Apes

“Being a single father, taking care of crayon stains, food pieces all over the house, especially on the couch really became a tough job for me, since I had no experience with furniture and upholstery cleaning and I had no idea which products I could use. My best friends mother actually showed me this site and I am forever thankful to both her and these guys here for saving my life!”

Noah Allen

“Following instructions from this site that one of my friends recommended to me, I solved literally dozens of my problems with upholstery and inside of my apartment. Following advice from these people I took care of that old but very expensive furniture I got from grandparents, also when I asked for the aid of a professional they were here to help as well.”

Diana Jankovich


“Couple of months back my husband and I decided to buy ourselves a pet. Guess what, he wanted a dog. What a surprise, right? Since he never even imagined that our furniture, upholstery and especially our rugs needed to be taken care of I was the one who had to look for solutions. This site offered me everything I Imagined and finally those awful urine stains, together with all the dog hair are gone, thanks to these people. By the way, they also made me keep our dog inside.”


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Short testimony of one of our employees:

“Our aim is to help people live in a more healthy environment. Since their home is probably a place they spend most time in, we focus on making their life easier by offering the help of a professional cleaners and pieces of advice to make them better at keeping their homes clean and healthy to live in.”