People that go into the home improvement business know everything there is to know about tools and what is the best way to use them. Usually, it takes a lot of money to hire a professional to come to your home and do the job that you have imagined in your mind. For this reason, there are a lot of people that want to try and do the job on their own using the tools that they can buy at their local tool shop.
When talking about saws there is more than one on the market, and all of them are good or excellent in some things, while they are useless in others. Whenever you want to get a saw that is an all-around saw, which can be used in more than one project type than you have to give respects to the reciprocating saw. The best reciprocating saw brand is debatable and we will leave that for another article, however, we will now explain the 4 best uses for a reciprocating saw for your home.

1. Making holes, crates and hollow space in the wall

When you are building a house or just remodeling a part of it, usually there should be a place where you need to place wires. Once you decide where the wires should go it’s time to make that hole in the wall or as they are known in the professional home building world an indentation on the walls. For this job, you might be inclined to use a hammer and a chisel, but that will just make a mess, the perfect tool that can do the job for you is the reciprocating saw.
This bad boy will make clean cuts and an open area even in spaces where there are strange and hard to reach angles.

2. PVC piping replacement

The changing of the pipes has to happen sooner or later in the house or in your shed. Once you are down to this task you will notice that not a lot of tools can reach inside the walls or tight spaces to cut off the desired PVC pipes. The saw we are describing in this text is perfect for such a job as it has a longer reach and it cuts PVC perfectly at any angle.

reciprocating saw3. Cutting metal instead of removing it

During your home repair, you will come across a wood panel or two where you have nails that are impossible to pull out and if you use a different tool to the reciprocating saw you will have a hard time maneuvering or removing the nail. However, this saw can just cut through it without any additional difficulties. Sometimes it’s better to not remove things that won’t cause harm in the future if you can just work around them or if you can cut them to your desired shape.

4. Perfect tool for the yard

Everyone that has a yard and a tree in it knows that every year some branches need to be cut. The reciprocating saw is perfect for this task, as it can cut even the thickest branches in mere seconds.