Everyone needs some fashion in their life, and if you don’t like to spend tons of money on your clothes because you don’t care for the latest fad in fashion, you might be interested to liven up your living space with some awesome tips and tricks. To make your furniture look more fashionable you don’t have to spend tons of money and you can even save money, as some of these tricks will help prolong the life of your furniture.

1. Pillows lots and lots of them

When you want to make your living, room look more alive and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your new furniture, it’s time to go shopping for some pillows. This is the cheapest way to liven up your living room, as the alternatives are to paint the whole room or to get some new furniture with a different color pallet. The more pillows you have the better, as sometimes you can just use them as a cushion for sitting on the floor. Many kids prefer to sit on the floor in a circle so your family and their friends might even make more use of the pillows than you expected. And this is a great way to prolong the life of your furniture as it won’t be used directly as much.

2. Get some plastic jewelry for your table and other furniture parts

When we say plastic jewelry we don’t mean get plastic diamonds and place them everywhere. Although that might look good on one place, you have to mix it up. Get some plastic accessories that can liven up your tables, for instance, if you can get a couple of “silver or golden” colored cups and place some white candles near them the tables will look like they have much more class than they do. There are thousands of amazing plastic additions that you can buy at the dollar store and they will liven up your tables by tenfold.

3. Install some fake rugs and small floor protectors

While buying a new rug can be quite expensive, the fake rugs that are made from cheaper materials can also be an amazing fashion statement for your room. Additionally, get some floor protectors for the furniture that won’t be on the rug. The trick with these rugs is that they should not be as big as the room, but small. However, don’t buy them too small as you don’t need a doormat inside your living room. The floor protectors will be a nice compliment to the rugs and they can even make a contrast, for instance, your rug can be white, and your floor protectors for the table or couch can be black, which will make your living room look amazing.

These are just some of the tips that we offer for some radical cheap changes that you can make with some awesome accessories for your living space. If you want to check out some more advice on how to liven up your furniture, and living areas, check out FurnitureBuffers.com.