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The accumulation of various forms of bacteria, dirt and dust can be very dangerous for people and by regularly keeping your rugs and carpets clean, you are ensuring the maximum protection for you and your family members. Our services are a simple way of top quality protection from those hazardous pollutants that could damage your health. By keeping your flooring clean you are actually doing a favor to yourself and your health.

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We offer up to seven different services and the most common one would be carpet cleaning, both residential and commercial. We also offer pet odor removal treatments and stain removal as well as upholstery maintenance and cleaning as well as advanced technology treatments for your oriental and area rugs.

We have a wide range of cleaning methods

With a big variety of cleaning techniques and solutions and with the help of our professional staff and high quality equipment, we will take care of any situation that might come before us. Our only aim is to leave our clients satisfied with the result as their positive testimonials are the only prize we are interested at.

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In case you have any dilemmas about a certain service, our customer service is always available. With your help, we will restore the freshness to your home in no time. We also pay a special attention to the clients who suffer from any problems with asthma or allergies. We offer special carpet treatments that will help them with their conditions. Your safety and health matter the most to us and we will do our best to make you satisfied.