Doing complete renovation and refurbishment of your furniture can be quite of an impact on your budget, especially if you decide to replace every piece of furniture for a brand new one. At the same time, many people get emotionally attached and devoted to some pieces of furniture, either because they simply get used to it, or because the item has some family value, memories attached and the context involved. So, if you’re craving for a change, for the refreshment of your interior, but would rather keep your old furniture just regenerate if a bit, here are some useful tips on how to skip complete refurbishment, but still get the furniture look almost as brand new.

Wrap it in colors

If you have a solid piece of furniture that is in good shape and functional, but slightly deteriorated and worn out, there is a simple way to regenerate it. Purchase plenty of washi or colored tape and wrap the most worn out parts of it or cover the whole piece of furniture into the colored tape. You will get the same shape in a completely new design, and all the signs of aging will be covered. There is a wide collection of different materials and designs of colored tapes out there, so unleash your imagination and express your creativity while regenerating an old piece of furniture.

Slipcovering instead of replacing

This is excellent, but kind of challenging method for making your old pieces of furniture look revived and refreshed. If done properly, slipcovers make a drastic change. Depending on the sewing skills, the amount of fabric you have and the budget limitations, you may opt for slipcovering the whole chair or couch, or you can go halfway and recover part of it, pillows for example. You may, also, choose slipcovers that are completely removable, easy to wash, dry and place back on furniture. This will not only refresh the outfit of your furniture, but also protect it on a daily basis from potential stains and other forms of damaging.

Paint it black

Ok, putting aside lyrics from a famous song, don’t pain it – black, but spray painting is a truly effective and easy method of giving a new look to the old pieces of furniture. Sprays may be purchased in many specialized shops and stores, but you should choose wisely the type of spray according to the type of material you are planning to repaint. Do not use this method on upholstery and similar household items, but it is perfect for an old metal desk, wooden chair, plastic cabinet or any other repaint able element. If required, polish the surfaces of the furniture before you spray it, so the color wouldn’t fade out and to provide equal coloring across the whole surface.

Decoupage techniques

Getting quite popular lately, decoupage techniques are an excellent way to regenerate your old pieces of furniture with some materials you have at hand. A little bit of glue, various fabrics adjusted to the design of the rest of the furniture and a lot of patience. However, the results may be true little pieces of art, and your furniture will certainly look almost as brand new.